Heya everybody!
This is our weekly map contest called Noobalus & Stuff Weekly!

What does it consists?
It consists of three different parts of the week that are the following:

Map Making [RULES HERE]
Every mapper have got 4 days (from Monday to Thursday at 23:59) to do 1 single map and publice it on #nes-weekly. [Automatically the N&SW Bot must add the map to the server.]
If not, wait the moderators adds it manually.

A signed player/mapper on N&S Discord can simply goes to the server and with the dedicated plugin vote his three favourite maps. If you are not sure to have voted; [type /bestmaps on #nes-weekly.]
The deadline for the voters is Friday at 23:59.

Results and Mini-Event
The results will be posted Saturday at 20:00. After that, at 20:30 of the same day, there will be a small event with all the maps played and voted during the week.


When does this event start?

It will start the day 10/07/2017.
PS: [] features are at the moment NOT available.