About us

Noobalus is a group of TrackMania players formed in August 2016 but have origin after the closing of elegy Team. Started with five members (seven right now), decided to make Noobalus something important on TrackMania community. They are commonly known for their weekly map-contest called Noobalus & Stuff Weekly. Also for their own memes. Here there are them:


Techno | FlorenziusGuerroLucario (Phoenixx) | Märv (Marvin) | Hazard | Vulnerra



Techno (Tekky)

Founder of Noobalus
August 2016 – now

From: Sisak, Croatia  7b6e8d1d68b9c8fd00689680300a2ed7

A guy that likes Trackmania² and Shootmania, decided to found Noobalus, with no idea what he did. A mistake. He is officially the most offline player of all the Noobalus. XDDDD






Noobalus, Video-Maker, Organizer of N&S Weekly
October 2016 – now

From: Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany  a9c94412aab983dee63f57bc2c096fae

Known for his projects and remakes on Trackmania² (TMOne, Snow and Seaside), pictures and MappingCoach, a plugin for newbie mappers. Started to be a Noobalus, one of the 1st days of October 2016; since these days, he contributes to making Noobalus more known. 





Noobalus, Developer, Organizer of N&S Weekly
August 2016 – now

From: Lyon, Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne, Rhône, France  

One of the most important developers of Trackmania² and Shootmania (no, that isn’t Domino) is back, on Noobalus.
Known for his projects of ManiaPlanet (plugins, titlepacks) he is recently working to do a remake of Patapon. Why did he join?




Lucario (Phoenixx)

Leader, Organizer of N&S Weekly, Pasta Duo
August 2016 – now

From: Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy  

An Italian guy that doesn’t make pizzas. Also “famous” for his tournament Nadeo World Cup (on TMF), now is back for N&S Weekly. He likes Pokémon and Trackmania. Member of the duo Hazard-Lucario, called Pasta Duo.





Märv (Marvin)

Noobalus, Siesta’s President
August 2016 – now

From: Cangas do Morrazo, Pontevedra, Galicia/Galiza, Spain  

The Siesta’s President of Noobalus, also a good Trackmania² player (wow, did I really mean that? XD), a “good” mapper. He has the same tastes of Lucario about the music; Deep/Electro House! By the way, is he from Galicia or Galiza? Nobody knows. Just him. And no one else.





Noobalus, Pasta Duo
August 2016 – June 2017 / July 2017 – now

From: Simmelkær, Herning, Midtjylland, Danmark  

The dank memer of Noobalus, began to be part of Noobalus since, his Pasta Duo associate joined on it. He likes RPG maps and Dubstep music.
Pasta Duo is a duo made-up with Hazard and Lucario as said previously.





Noobalus, Pro Gamer
November 2016 – now

From: France  

A Nadeo & Tech player that joins on Noobalus. He mades some lives on Twitch. Addicted (a lot) to Delta Team. Anything else?