Everything needs an end.

Hey guys,

I waited for this moment since the first days of this year now, and I think it’s the right time now.

First of all: Don’t take it personally, it’s not the fault of any member of Noobalus & Stuff.

So let’s tell my story with you guys.. In April 2016 (at least I think it was this month) I met lucario on my former stadium-server with some friends. I think he was still in elegy or delta or so. Well, we shared numbers and so it began. Later in June I joined the “Noobalus & Stuff”-discord server and well, it was my 2nd discord-server or so ^^

In October I finally joined the community, which had 7 other members. We had funny times, filled with many memes and we had a great atmosphere here. In the following months we often played on servers, while the music bot with 10h meme soundtracks was in the voice channel with us. I was proud to be the gfx and hoster of the website of N&S. Well, the time passed and we had some ideas about upcoming projects by us, and I still remember, how lucario and I talked about the new born weekly-idea, while I tried to master RPG maps in TMNF ^^

Sadly we had only one real Weekly-episode yet, even if it was just the prototype of it. But with the end of 2016, it began to be more silent around NES. Time from time inactive people on the discord got kicked or just left, and the most messages were written just by us, the Noobalus & Stuff members. For me, it began to be boring, as we weren’t able to host weekly and also the intern matches, which were a nice idea, didn’t happen.

In may or june this year, N&S turned into a dictature (no, jk xd), as lucario became the leader after a vote. We’ve talked before about this decision, because we already knew, that N&S is more or less dead. But in my opinion, nothing changed with this vote, but I saw, that lucario spent all his time into N&S.

Well, since a long time I announce “I will leave soon”, but it didn’t happen yet. I wanted to wait, if Weekly will bring us back on the road, but it didn’t, it’s even paused yet again. I think it’s the right time to say “good bye” now, as I will leave this community/group in the next days, when I know your opinion. As I said, don’t take it personally, but I can’t see this idle server anymore and nothing goes forward. I need something fresh, something else. I can’t see those messages, like “I will leave maniaplanet” anymore. If I will “join” another community – idk. I am still sad about the death of GTX, but now I think I can say, that I am not the hyped community player, I’m more a developer on this game now (even tho not official xd, but I just play it to do my shit there)

So in tl;dr I need a break for now, and idk when I will return. But I will stay on discord ofc.

Let’s stay friends, even without being in a group or sth like this. For example, I still have an open bill with guerro with our game, which didn’t even start, so I will concentrate more on my projects more, than playing.

Tbh I don’t really want to leave, as you are all my friends, but something must happen now.

I will leave that as it is, thanks for this great time!