An Apology

Hello there,

It has been a while since Noobalus has been active, and I think Christmas is the best time to address couple of things and talk about it. Therefore, it all started when florenzius and I had the idea to make Noobalus more active, because we thought that the group was somewhat inactive, and we started to organize a way to make Noobalus at its gold times.

The original idea was to make some events to let everyone come back, then we changed our mind to let everyone choose who will be the best leader because we thought that with a leader we could have made some progress, well, we actually made the situation worse. So, we made a poll to let everyone vote who would have lead Noobalus to the rising future that we both thought was going to happen.

 “According to us, to be able to live beside in this community we need someone can lead our group/community/team.”

After two out of three teams that I made in the past all closed for inactivity, five Noobalus decided that I was the right person to give full power, I cannot blame them for that it was our fault from the beginning and I want to apologize you guys to make changes that were not asked.Because they really were not needed.

It is hard to say but after this change, Noobalus started being inactive, the change we had in plan wasn’t liked and couple Noobalus started feeling bad about it, telling us that N&S was slowly becoming a dictature, or that it was already.

In addition, I cannot agree more after the drama with Hazard on the #noobalus-only channel.
The fact that I said something along the lines of: “I think on #noobalus-only we should talk seriously or at least some jokes, but not going onto toxic edgy stuff” really makes it evident how both florenzius and we were disconnected from the other Noobalus, and also explain how pissed we got for a joke made by Hazard for fun. It was a literal dictature at that point.

From there Noobalus became irrelevant and we all went to our own roads.

Florenzius and guerro started working on TM One, I went making a project that no one cared about, Tekky started playing ShootMania and TMForever, Marv (or Mikko) with Hazard, w1sp and others created their own community.

Until, I had the idea to participate with Noobalus to an event called NMT (or Nadeo Maps Tournament), which made Noobalus came back from the dead for couple days, then I had to announce my retirement from NMT and TrackMania, for the 2nd time I was taking a complete break from the community:

What is the point of all this wall of text?
We both want to apologize about our mistakes we made in the past to you guys, because we really killed Noobalus with our tendencies. Everything I, or we, did was wrong and we are not asking to be forgiven for that, but we just want to move on from what could be the worst moments to be in Noobalus – ever.

I am sorry for everyone who felt shit about Noobalus and wanted to leave but didn’t because of my attitude; it is very obvious that for me Noobalus was more than a group, and leaving it would have been the last time you would have seen me for someone.

Also, I want to apologize also to Hazard for my acts of hypocrisy during the drama causing you to leave, I was really focused to maintain Noobalus a good group of friends that I almost lost one of them. Talking about a group of friends, thanks for all the memories you guys are just amazing, I cannot deny that looking at #pub channel pinned messages a tear dropped. I really want those memories to come back as reality but I guess not everything is going to be like before, people have changed myself included, after my project called Sette and its “failure” I am slowly moving to other games and start leaving the Trackmania as a community and as a game. And I would be an idiot just thinking that Noobalus will come back as it was two years ago.

Hope you understand, Andrea Seppi a.k.a. Lucario.